Image: T.C.R. Official video

For the great many of us frustrated with the hilarity of current affairs, or those simply alienated by contemporary music; battling that often vented sense of “no-one’s saying anything” – Sleaford Mods might just be exactly what you need. The Nottingham duo have been plugging away for years, consistently offering an invogorating brand of bold electronic beats clashed with relentlessly hard-hitting social commentary. On the verge of releasing the new album, English Tapas, their message is more relevant than ever.

One of the most notable aspects of the Mods’ appeal is their seemingly undying work ethic. All too often bands – admittedly including the Stone Roses, who I could blog positively of to no end – can get away with not pulling their weight. New releases are few and far between and to add insult to injury, extortionate ticket prices breed complete disillusionment. You get none of that with Sleaford Mods. They present both a reasonably priced live product and are constantly adding to their already extensive back catalogue.

Crucially, too, they’ve managed to release consistently high-quality work, with 2015 LP Key Markets demanding positive acclaim across the board, highlighting Andrew Fearn’s capacity for producing hypnotically pulsating and always unique grooves. In addition, wordsmith Jason Williamson’s idiosyncratic oral punch cements their inability to be categorised by genre.

You got a mouthful, justify the nouce, spit ya venom / the rulers don’t care it’s still the 70’s, and they laugh at our ugly double denim / we are the wooden horses on wooden race courses at fairs, the top prize is damaged organs and nobody cares

In the live setting, the Mods generate an otherworldly realm of energy, as I was blessed to experience in Glasgow last year following their signing to Rough Trade and the subsequent release of the T.C.R  EP. That tour saw the duo sell out the London Roundhouse, an extremely satisfying statement of their growing relevance among working-class music lovers of the day. Elsewhere, the duo are set to embark on their first North American tour and may well widen the cult following they’ve garnered across Europe – particularly in Germany – which has hosted a string of their very best live performances.

‘BHS’ from the album English Tapas, set to be released next month