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As expected, things are bubbling away nicely beneath the surface in the early months of 2017, as the Stone Roses community experiences the calm before what’s sure to be another all-consuming storm. We now have our first concrete lead in terms of possible further releases to last year’s singles, following Gordon Smart of Radio X‘s suggestions in the affirmative of late – both on his official Twitter feed and live radio. The journalist has demonstrated genuine insider knowledge concerning the infamously elusive band in recent history, gaining a solid track record of generally spot-on information. 

The update to proceedings comes after the Roses’ recent announcement of a second live date at the historic Nippon Budokan in Tokyo this coming April, which sees the total gigs scheduled for the year – at the time of writing – rise to seven. One of the most exciting elements of another Roses summer is perhaps the inclusion of a number of indoor shows on the live agenda. It appears the band have grew to enjoy the arena setting in recent times – and it’s clear why: inside Madison Square Garden and the Sydney Opera House last year, the Mancunian heroes probably hit their post-reformation live peak, demanding high praise from fans and critics alike. 

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There exists much speculation over the amount of new music we can look forward to in the coming months, with the ten minutes-worth released last year only serving to whet the collective appetite of those of us hoping to sink our teeth into something more substantial this time ’round – in the form of a complete album, or indeed an E.P. Brown was said to have boasted of further new material last year when meeting fans en rote to the Etihad  – and given his impressive work ethic as a solo artist – a more considerable batch of new Roses music certainly isn’t out of the question. Indeed, the genuine glee on their faces when tracked down recording at Church Studios in London last March may well point to a newfound sense of creative liberation among the iconic fourpiece. 

Aside from 100% new music, the potential for further additions to the working setlist for the upcoming tour is particularly compelling in itself. The consistent inclusion of a fantastically enhanced version of Second Coming single Begging You was a sure highlight of last year’s shows, therefore one can’t help but feel justified in dreaming about the likes of Daybreak getting dusted off and unleashed at a new generation. Although, we are yet to behold new track Beautiful Thing in its live psych-funk glory, so that would undoubtedly be the best place to start. 

As ever with the Roses, we are at present dealing with far more questions than answers. Will more new stuff be released? If so, will Paul Epworth assume production duties once again? Will Beautiful Thing actually even get played live? There’s one thing we can be sure of, at least, that all signs point to us being on the verge of another special year. Look out for those lemon posters… 

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