Picture yourself in the queue outside Firewater on a Thursday night – what surrounds you? There’s something quite pompous in the air. So ubiquitous is this strange phenomena that it manages to outlast the lingering cigarette smoke. You might understand what I’m talking about. Incidentally, if you’re still wearing a T in the Park wristband months after the “awesome” weekend, it’s probably you. And you are an integral part of the special breed to whom this blog entry is a wholehearted tribute.

Still unsure? I invite you to take a test:

Have you ever tweeted one or more of the following? 

  • “God bless the band”
  • “My life will be complete when I see Arctic Monkeys live”
  • “Jake Bugg // insert song that sounds like every white busker ever”

Congratulations, you are Insufferably Indie. For those yet to meet the criteria of this exclusive club, I have endured the painstaking task of collecting a comprehensive selection of Insufferable Indie Anthems to get you started:

First and foremost; original and best. Released at the very height of Shitpop, nothing sums up Propaganda Fridays at Glasgow’s O2 ABC quite like Jarvis Cocker’s unmistakable vocal whine on this milestone track.

The beauty of this indie stormer is that just when you feel in danger of enjoying contemporary pop – or god forbid, dancing – it immediately helps you feel that little bit edgy and garage again. Quite simply essential.

Boasting a vocal manner only matched by Ellie Goulding for its ability to actually kill brain cells, Naive is naturally a highly popular jam among longtime Insufferables. This one screams gluten intolerance and shold be considered central to any holistically indie lifestyle.

Last but not least, this one is guaranteed to get the lads bouncing. A hymn for today’s British youth, Not Nineteen Forever is Adidas gazelles in a song.

Honourable mentions to Blossoms, Miles Kane and Jamie T. 

Optional lifestyle choice: Buy a Crosley record player from HMV and pile any records you ever buy on top of one another